Sunday, December 18, 2011

serial munbers on out board

My brother called he was at the free ramp and said the fish police was checking  serial munbers on the motors said a lot stole ,that got me to thinking about what I know about a motor that a person I know has on his boat  I think I will talk to the fish police about this.

douglas lake muddy creek 12 /17/2011

Went to muddy creek and pulled jigs out over 24 foot of water ,was going 0.8 on theGPS and black and char was the color of the day, I was up at point C and the fish was scattered ever where, the big fish was 2lbs8oz he put up a good fight, don't you boy's speck sinkum and sowdaddy and slipshit and the runt charger could catch fish like this so go buy you some more high dollar toys and get back at it one of these days you might be as good as me .

Thursday, December 15, 2011

crappie tourn we had in 2008.

I was at bass pro to day looking at the crappie jigs when a gentlemen reconnize me from and started to tell me what a fellow told him why I lost the tourn was because 4 of the fellows put all there fish together so I would not win and you people calm to go to church just as I said hipocritaes.I would be ashame and I just have little fishing toys and you still can't beat me how do you look your kids in the eyes in the morning or go to church on sunday you people will pay some day, I never thought about why the best of the four had no fish at the scales and the other two had all the fish, boy you will do any thing.